Today I'm giving away this Chi Chi Harriet dress in a size UK8 (size 36 / size Small). The material is quite stretchy, therefore it could also be worn by someone who is one size bigger. I simply haven't ever worn this dress and it even has all the original tags on, so I thought maybe someone else would benefit from it more than me. I decided to skip all the boring giveaway rules and make it really simple, as I really want one of my actual readers to win this, rather than a random person who saw the link on Twitter. I'll add a personal note and a little gift to the parcel too! The giveaway is international and I will cover all costs.

All you need to do for an entry is comment on this post with your e-mail address and how you would style the dress. I'd suggest writing your e-mail address in this form: youremail [at] (instead of , just to avoid lots of junk mail from people who copy-paste e-mail addresses.

As a thank you to Chi Chi, who sent me the dress, I would really appreciate if you clicked on their link and liked their Facebook page, but don't worry if you don't - as I said there are no rules :)

Let's give this one week - enjoy!

Some people obviously didn't get the memo, and published this competition on a giveaway site so now I've had to deal with removing lots of comments from people who aren't my actual readers (don't worry, I've got ways to tell that). I created this giveaway purely to show my gratitude to my loyal followers, so I hope you understand why I'm not happy with some random person winning this. I will stop the comments for a few days, to slow down the traffic coming from the giveaway site. If you haven't entered, please be patient and you'll be able to do it in a few days time.


Top & skirt - H&M, Cardigan - COS, Bag - La Moda, Sneakers - Converse, Nail polish - Barry M in Passion Fruit

So busy lately that I'm barely finding any time for blogging! I'm still adjusting to working full time (especially cause I sometimes have to work on weekends), but blogging has been my main passion for over 5 years so I will find ways to make this work. I'm just currently extremely bummed out, because I found out today that I'll be spending Christmas and New Year on my own in Guildford as I can't get any days off work then.

Meanwhile, this is a random and quickly thrown together outfit that I wore for dinner with my new housemate on the weekend. We went to Yo Sushi and then had Pimms at a local club, love that stuff. On the way home we walked over this bridge and I couldn't take another step without making us snap some photos of each other. Guildford does not always have the nicest backdrops for photos, but this one is definitely a favorite! Hopefully I'll get to shoot some more photos on that bridge in daylight.

You will probably be seeing more and more black looks on my blog, as my work uniform is black so I've gone in a completely different shopping mindset. It's kind of difficult to justify buying colored clothing if you know you will be wearing all-black 5 days a week.

PS. Use the code ASOSGLAMOUR to get 20% off all full priced items on ASOS (click) ! I just made an order with some pretty Mango dresses for work. It works until 8th September, so hurry!


I've been back in the UK for a few days now, and I've started my job which is a completely new experience for me, so I'm adjusting to everything very slowly. After work each day, I come home and feel extremely tired. I'm sure after some time everything will fall into places and I'll find ways to do more useful things in the evenings.

 I still have some photos from my time in Latvia, and these were probably the last ones that were taken. That day me and my family decided to take a day trip to a city called Jelgava, because that is where we lived when I was young. We left our house in Jelgava when we moved to Finland, which was when I was 5 years old. I mentioned to my family that I had no recollection of how our house looked or the surrounding area or even the city so we decided to go there for the day. It was really interesting, not only for me but also for my mum whose old apartment we visited, and my dad, whose old school we saw.

This doesn't happen very often but I decided to make this a mix of a lifestyle and outfit post. For the first time in a while I took some photos during the day. My sweater and skirt is from H&M, by the way. Hope you enjoy! ♥

This sculpture was dripping water, however when you stand near it, the water starts dripping a lot more so I freaked out!
My mum in her usual element - taking photos of everything around.
"Please don't climb the tree! I am the oldest tree in Jelgava! Be careful with me, please!" We ended the day at Chili Pica and I went for a cheese, aragula and ham pizza. I'm crazy about aragula lately!


Blouse - H&M Studio AW14, Shorts & boots - H&M AW14 

During my visit to the H&M showroom, I was asked to style some of my favorite pieces, so I've prepared two posts for you. The next post will be really similar with regards to my outfit, as I only changed the blouse, but I had a lot of photos, so I think it makes more sense to split it in two. I'm absolutely in love with this blouse, it is probably because of the sleeves as they just make it so much more feminine. If you're looking for lightweight season-transitioning shorts, these are a must-have as they are super comfortable and even have pockets (one of my main criterion when it comes to shorts & skirts).

One of the reasons I love being in Latvia so much is that literally everywhere you go in the Old Town, you will be stunned by the surroundings! So when I saw this road (near Aldaru iela, if you wonder) I made a mental reminder to come back and take some photos. My friend Elizabete is so talented and it's a real pleasure to shoot with her, because she's not one of those people who just want to get it over with, but rather encourages me and gives me suggestions.

On Monday I'm flying back to the UK, and if I'm honest, it all feels too soon and quite overwhelming after all the nice time I've had this summer. The main reason for this is probably because I don't know what to expect when I start working full time on Wednesday (for those who don't know, I'm doing a placement year). I just cross my fingers and hope for the best!

May I just remind you that the H&M Studio AW14 collection will hit stores on the 4th of September, go crazy!

Photos: Elizabeth Jane Ruben


Latvia fashion blog Luxembourg fashion blogger Paul's Boutique Maisy bag Kristiana Vasarina Kristiana Vasarina Kristiana Vasarina Guildford fashion blogger White cut out boots quiz Paul's Boutique maisy bag
Shorts - Levi's 501 (similar), T-shirt - ASOS, Bag & wallet - Paul's Boutique Maisy bag, Boots - Quiz Clothing

This is the look I wore to the Riga City Festival last weekend. My brother already took some photos of me in town however they didn't turn out too well, but luckily I convinced him to take some more when we got home. I'm glad I did, as I love the backdrop and think it contrasts really well with the outfit. It was actually an extremely rare occasion, as I didn't wear anything black that day *clapping hands emoji*.

Unfortunately that was one of the very last days I could wear shorts and avoid walking around with goosebumps because of the freezing cold (which is, ahem, below 20 degrees Celsius). I find it weird how when I'm in the UK and the thermometer hits 19 degrees Celsius, I get super excited and go out with bare legs, t-shirts and stuff, however as soon as it hits 19 degrees during the summer, I panic as I have "no winter clothing". My first instinct was to buy a new faux leather jacket, that already saved me from being drenched in the rainstorm on the day of purchase. I can't wait to show it on the blog!

I am finally approaching the end of my holiday and I can't stress enough how much I've enjoyed my time in Latvia this year. It feels awfully bizarre that this time next week I will be on my second day of work. I really do hope to come back for a few days sometime soon!


H&M Studio AW14

During my days in Latvia I had the pleasure of visiting the H&M showroom to have a preview of what we will soon see in the stores. In the interests of not overloading this blog with photos, I decided to only show you a selection of items, however I do suggest you have a look at my Facebook page as I uploaded a lot more photos, just like last year :)

All the items in my first photo, as well as the beaded dress in one of the last photos come from the H&M Studio AW14 collection, which I already had a look at in London and Luxembourg. After all this anticipation and previews, it will finally be released on the 4th of September! I definitely have my eye on a few of the items. The other items in this post are either from the usual H&M AW14 collection or the H&M Trend collection, and are already in stores, or will be very soon. In general, there was a mix of dark and edgy colors, as well as soft pinks and grays. The shoe game was strong and the detailing on some of the items definitely caught my eye.

I have to say that my 4 absolute favorite items were the pointed ankle boots, big leather bag and the zip ankle boots. Is there anything that caught your eye? ♥


Latvijas modes blogeri Kristiana Vasarina White skinny mango jeans Sugarhill boutique blogger Luxembourg fashion blogger Kristiana Vasarina ASOS High Tide leather heels
Jeans - Mango (similar), Sweater - Sugarhill Boutique, Nail Polish - Barry M Hi Shine in Blueberry, Shoes - ASOS

There is something I love so much lately about very light colored outfits... I actually got these Mango jeans in April, but haven't worn them until now. Pairing them with my ASOS High Tide heels is definitely my favorite combination lately!

...okay, enough of that. During the last few weeks I've got really bored of always talking about my outfits under my outfit photos. I mean the photos kind of speak for themselves, right? So I thought that today I'll keep this to a minimum and instead tell you something funny/strange that happens to me often, especially lately.

I am a very punctual person and I get extremely stressed if I am late for something. I'd rather be at a meeting half an hour early than 5 minutes late. I even text my friends if I will be 2 and a half minutes late and I have about million apps for train and bus times. So with this in mind, I've been having really annoying nightmares, where the whole dream consists of a long story of how I'm trying to make it to a scheduled bus or an airplane. The last nightmare happened some days ago and it was about me having to catch a plane with my little brother. We arrived to the last passport/ticket checkpoint in the airport 10 minutes before the plane was meant to fly out (logic), and the lady said that we are in the wrong terminal and a taxi to the correct terminal will take us 10 minutes. Then I woke up feeling really stressed and with a fast paced heartbeat.

I'm really annoyed by these nightmares, because that means I am not only stressed in these real life situations, but also during my sleep, haha. Today I'm going to meet my friends Ieva and Kristaps so I'm going to start getting ready now. Have a great Sunday! ♥