Kristiana Vasarina Kristiana Vasarina

Boots - Faith c/o StyleChi
Sweater - c/o Fashion Union
Phonecase - ASOS (here
Coat - ASOS (here & here)
Skirt - Bershka (similar)
Necklace - ZARA

It is no secret that pretty pastels will be BIG this upcoming Spring/Summer and I have fallen head over heels in love with light blue (although I do really like lavender and mint too). First came the coat, then came the countless sweaters, and before I know it, my outfits are less of black and more of color. You are in for a big surprise in some of my next posts, forget the girl who only wears black and white, ha!

On a different note, I am quite ill so I've been drinking tea and cough syrups like crazy. My phone is quite ill too, or should I say, mentally ill.. I swear, it's got a mind of its own and has forgotten who the boss is. No but really, switching off every 1-2 minutes? Going from 38% to 5% and then to 54% in a time frame of 5 minutes? While I'm in the middle of writing an e-mail? Ugh. Going to London to get that sorted tomorrow! Also hoping to do something else there so it's not just a brief visit, so let me know if you know of any good press days or events! XO 


  1. blue color is looking so good on you....loved your necklace...:-)

  2. It's a gorgeous color, and the necklaces matches perfectly :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. Beautiful coat, I love that you've matched the sweater too!


  4. This color is SO gorgeous on you. Really. Can't wait for the new posts, it'll be nice seeing what you do with color!

  5. Wow, you're looking so pretty and this coat is just a dream!

  6. hope you feel better soon!
    love this light blue too and your shoes are awesome!

  7. Love the Blue on Blue, this look is so cute xx

  8. this coat is amazing! i just fell in love with it! hope you will get your phone sorted soon, they can be really annoying sometimes!
    ps. you look amazing with curly hair!

  9. Gorgeous look!! Love that necklace!


  10. This pastel blue looks really lovely on you, I'm not surprised you've fallen in love with it! Those boots are awesome too, the white sole is such a nice contrast.
    Also, I just realised when I was looking through instagram that you were at the Vouchercodes swap shop yesterday too! So annoying that I didn't know you were there or spot you, would have been so nice to say hi in person :)

  11. this outfit is pure perfection! i love the necklace so much! xx

  12. This look is sooo stunning.. i really like it!!!! :))

  13. Oh, I think you are my new favourite fashion blogger <3
    This outfit is outstanding! I especially love the pastel blue coat. Seeing it on you made me realise that I've got to have one, maybe in pastel pink. That statement necklace is lovely too.


  14. Hey hey.
    Lovely pics, you look fantastic !!
    With love, Bárbara