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Shorts - Levi's 501 (similar), T-shirt - ASOS, Bag & wallet - Paul's Boutique Maisy bag, Boots - Quiz Clothing

This is the look I wore to the Riga City Festival last weekend. My brother already took some photos of me in town however they didn't turn out too well, but luckily I convinced him to take some more when we got home. I'm glad I did, as I love the backdrop and think it contrasts really well with the outfit. It was actually an extremely rare occasion, as I didn't wear anything black that day *clapping hands emoji*.

Unfortunately that was one of the very last days I could wear shorts and avoid walking around with goosebumps because of the freezing cold (which is, ahem, below 20 degrees Celsius). I find it weird how when I'm in the UK and the thermometer hits 19 degrees Celsius, I get super excited and go out with bare legs, t-shirts and stuff, however as soon as it hits 19 degrees during the summer, I panic as I have "no winter clothing". My first instinct was to buy a new faux leather jacket, that already saved me from being drenched in the rainstorm on the day of purchase. I can't wait to show it on the blog!

I am finally approaching the end of my holiday and I can't stress enough how much I've enjoyed my time in Latvia this year. It feels awfully bizarre that this time next week I will be on my second day of work. I really do hope to come back for a few days sometime soon!


  1. Love this outfit so much ! the top is super cute !


  2. Perfect outfit:) x

  3. I really like how casual this outfit is but the bag brings it all together so nicely!! very chic! <3 | Giveaway

  4. Loti patik stripas un tavs stripainais Tee ir perfekts!

    xoxo Ra

  5. I'm not a big fan of the boots but the rest of the outfit is great :)

  6. I am loving this super cool outfit especially those shorts.

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